Who is the happier person?

It’s a lazy sunday when my husband decided to have a road trip in the mountainous area of Rizal, around two hours from Quezon City. Not knowing where to go really. He has this habit of jumping in the car and follow where the road may lead us. I have gone to Rizal once and I always thought my family will enjoy a pointless travel to the mountains.

So I haven’t logged on for a few months. I decided today is the best day to restart writing and reblogging. I guess Rizal will be a good inspiration for me.

Having grown up in Manila, I never felt like I belonged to the city. The traffic stresses me out, and the pollution frustrates me. Everyday, I reevaluate my life. Some days I feel good but most of the time, I just want to jump to my car and find a mountain or a beach, where I can spend the whole day staring at the horizon.

First stop, Daranak Falls. Hubby always wanted to visit the place since he was young. This is how I wanted it. Serene, away from people. But when we arrived, the place was packed since (darn) it was Sunday afternoon.

Daranak Falls

And this is how it actually looked like:

That is just one area of the place. There are 100 Million Filipinos now, so it is logical that everywhere I go, people will be swarming to that place too. This is one of the Philippines’ cheap thrills. A whole family can visit the place for PhP450.00 or about US$10.00.

Then of course there is that phenomena of selfie and “picture-picture”. Filipinos love to take photos, wherever we go.

Yes, we do not wear swim suit or bikini when we swim in the beach or take a dip in a lake. We are too conservative for that. The only place where people flaunt their skin is in Boracay. Bring the same people to another place and this is the staple clothing. Shorts and cotton shirt. 🙂

After I took some photos, we decided to leave. On our way out, I saw a guy making lanterns for the Christmas season. Yeah, yeah. It’s only October but in our country we prepare early for the most awaited time of the year. As soon as September comes, you can hear Christmas songs on the radio. Right after we celebrate halloween, people start setting up decors and you can feel the christmas rush.


As we drove around, I had one of my childhood dreams come true! We finally saw the end of the rainbow!!! And oh well, by the time we reached the spot where it ends, the colours disappeared without a pot of gold or a leprechaun in sight. My kids were screaming with glee. It was my hubby who almost cried because his 40 years on Earth  did not prepare for the fact that rainbows are mere optical illusion. Haha!

_DSC0668 - Version 2

I guess this is what I miss about life, having lived in the city. People having small joys and cheap thrills. Their life is not so complicated. They do not have an ounce of worry. They have very little and yet they seem happier than most people I know.

_DSC0677 - Version 2

When I was girl of ten. I was almost always in the streets. Now I worry about my kids. There is too much violence and paranoia so most of the time a family driver or a house helper would accompany them to their saturday activities. I do not remember my kids playing this game in the street. It is called “sipa”. Kids take turn kicking  an object which is most often a coin with a hole where straws are inserted.

_DSC0702 - Version 2

Now these kids are the happiest bunch! Who would ever play with an old tire nowadays? I wish I had their innocence and joy. Suddenly I wish I lived in their street.  I wanted to play with them and play like them. I wanted to be young again, away from the troubles of adults. Away from the trivialities of life. Away from the egos of the big men running our country.

Oh how I want to wake up to this great view everyday. The wind is soft and refreshing. I can smell the fresh grass after the drizzle. The ground is damp and the clouds naughtily play on the horizon. This is the Sierra Madre mountains. Back in the Marcos era, this used to be the playground of insurgents. I am on the other side of the mountain. At the back of my mind, I am wondering if there are still some left struggling and fighting for their ideology.

Now who is the happier person? Is it me who lives in the city, who works for the government, who has more material possession and probably has more than the person who owns this house? Or is it him who drives a tricycle, probably lives on a daily subsistence? He may have little but he has so much. Suddenly I envy him. 🙂

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