Canada, please pick up your garbage. My homeland is not your trashcan.

I seldom make rants in the internet, but this time I can not hold my ire. Let me tell you why. In June 2013 containers started arriving in Port of Manila with shipment declared as “plastic scraps”. See, third world countries are allowed to receive materials for recycling as long as they are “homogenous” or same kind wastes. A certain company, Chronic INC which was given permit to operate in Ontario, Canada sent 50 (forty footer) container vans to a consignee in the Philippines named “Chronic Plastics”. Until January 2014, the containers were unclaimed. Finally, the Enforcement group of the Bureau of Customs headed by Ariel Nepomuceno ordered the shipment to be opened. And this is what they saw. 18 vans yielded mixed community wastes including plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper and used adult diaper.

photo 3-1

Upon knowing the incident, our office got in touch with environment activists like Greenpeace, Ecowaste Coalition, Green Convergence, Ban Toxics, Mother Earth Foundation, Ateneo School of Government, and Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK). We all got together and started a petition in The shipment is a violation of the Basel Ban Convention, which states that there should be no transboundary movement of wastes or garbage. The Phlippines and Canada are both signatories to the sad convention. This is not exclusively happening to my country. This happens in Haiti and Africa as well.

I need your help to appeal to the Canadian Embassy in our country to hasten the re exportation of the 50 container vans of garbage back to Canada.

1.Please click the link

2. Sign the petition.

3. Share with your friends.


Thank you. Your signature can make a lot of difference to stop Garbage trading.


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