Zamboanga del Norte

Zamboanga del Norte

One item in  bucket list down. I have always been intrigued with Zamboanga since I was a kid. Having read in our history books the bravery of our Muslim brothers, it was the place least expected to be visited by foreigners. The hype and infamy of the land added more recluse to the isolated Zamboanga del Norte. What I discovered was beyond my expectation. Zamboanga was oozing with cheap seafood. On sundays, the traditional market place along the shorelines was an event of the week.I got lemongrass stalks for a measly P5.00/ huge bundle, drank my first tuba ( coconut wine) at P10.00/ cup – and I didn’t know that it was fermented until I drank a portion of it. tasted a lot like vinegar but with a BIG kick. What surprised me was the serenity of the place. I was thinking that it was ravaged by war and terrorism. The place has one of the thickest vegetations in the Philippines. Mangroves line the rivers where it meets the sea. I can smell the fresh dew of the morning in the damp leaves of the trees.

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