Day 38: Sunday Market

Fruits galore! Exotic fruits from left: Durian has a strong pungent odor that actually helps enhance its flavor. Center: Rambutan, with a hairy texture on the skin and lychee like flavor of the fruit. Right : Atis has one of the richest vitamin C, the only setback: the fruit has loads of seeds!

After the freaky rains that continued for more than two weeks, the sun finally came out yesterday. Amazing! I never thought I would miss Mr. Sun that much. People finally started going again to the malls and markets. Although it wasn’t the usual crowd that I am used to. Very few people went back to normal life. A lot were still recovering losses from the floods.


Assorted Bottled products from crab fat, fruit jams, fish preservatives, baby squid, shrimp paste, and local wines from our endemic fruits.

I woke up on a sunny Sunday and hurried to have brunch with my family in my favorite flea market at Centris station. I talked to some “suki” (frequent vendor/seller) of mine. Some of them had houses devastated by the flood. They were just happy to go back to their usual routine. These were the people whose existence depended on their daily wage. I felt really bad for them. Going to the market and spending my money was my way of giving back to them by helping them recover their losses.


oh goodies! The typical Filipino smile on the vendors lips. Despite what she has been through. To sell the stuff on the table, she cajoles me to try her products. Free taste test, she says…


Armed with my coffee in a Starbucks thermos, I had my bibingka breakfast. I was craving for this for a week already. And then I saw much more. I saw the Ilocano empanada had that too… I saw churros and some fruits, had a bit of each.


BIBINGKA is my favorite breakfast. The batter is made of egg, flour and water sometimes milk. salted egg and white cheese and cheddar are added as a topping. It’s our version of pancake.


A banana leaf is placed on the tin container, after which the bibingka batter is poured over it. Then a tin can with hot coals over is placed on top of the mixture. Cooking it much like baking.

Now it’s almost dinnertime and I am still full… 


Traditional viand for breakfast, tapang usa (beef jerky using venison meat) and native sausages with strong garlic flavor. ooooh so refreshing coconut water juice, pineapple juice and the exotic buko pandan.


Mangoes galore! almost every region in the Philippines claim they have the sweetest mangoes!

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