Day 37: It’s sooooo 80’s

I was in high school when big hair, reeboks and skinny jeans were the trend. Ah the 80’s brings back too many memories. I had my first crush, first heartbreak, first wallflower moment,  first dance, first failed subject, first time to cut class, first time to be called to the principal’s office, first taste of alcohol, first time to get drunk… Back then my biggest problem was whether my crush had a girlfriend the next is the zit on my face.  I was very awkward in High School, went through being bullied for my color, my height, my hair, my face, whatever they could think of to annoy me. It affected me so much that for the longest time I hated myself. Eventually (after about 10 years post high school), I was in med school then and I attended  our reunion. Ha! Lo and behold the bullies put on a hundred more pounds, became  ugly, did not finish college, became an addict, the girls were what we call NBSB (no boyfriend since birth); I realized then that Fate gave them their pay back time. Thank you Karma!

I came to terms with myself, blamed myself less and appreciated my worth. By then, I realized there was nothing wrong with me at all. Just a couple of years ago, we celebrated our 20th year. I saw the same guys who were good looking then but losing their hair now, those whose follicles were still intact had salt and pepper hair. The guys who were hot then turned out to be gays now. The guys who were not good-looking then, were rich now so I guess somehow that makes them attractive too. The mean girls who had all the boys in tow are separated/annulled two times over, and now they are single and mean looking. Karma… Well the bullied ones (that’s me) are kinda successful and has a more stable personality… haha!

Growing up in the 80’s is growing up fighting for making vandalism as a form of art. Before we had iPods, I urged my Mom to get me a walkman. We didn’t have Facebook, but we burned the telephone lines. Nobody ever blogged so everyone kept a diary or a journal. I thought it was cool to have a pair of Converse shoes in different colors with a large neon orange shoelace.  Madonna was verrrrrry controversial, some people thought she was the antichrist. Sappy movies were the in thing and so were science fiction flicks. MJ was still black and not hooked on prescription meds. Whitney Houston was the “Taylor Swift” of our days. Casey Casem dominated the airwaves. The Alternative or New Wave (that’s how we call it) was invading the music scene. I fell in love with Brit artists. I tried to talk like them. Pathetic.

Last night, 80’S sprung back to life. As were lining up to enter the arena, I saw the people around me excited and gearing up for the show. We made sure to come early to watch the front act. A couple of minutes later the lights dimmed and people were screaming and shouting. Band members climbed up the stage one by one… I couldn’t hear myself wail as the voices and whistles surround the coliseum. After a while a very serious voice of Per Sorensen from Fra Lippo Lippi drowned the noise as he said “Let us offer a moment of silence for the lives that have perished…” It was the longest moment of silence I have ever known. I was excited to dance and sing the songs that have engraved my high school memories. After a while Per sat in front of the keyboard and dedicated the first song “to a lot of people who did not make it through the flood” and  sang the melancholic “Over there, just beneath the moon, there’s a man with the burden to keep..” the rest of the songs were a lullaby to us. It was 80’s again… Memories of the colorful, energetic, and analog era kept coming back. Per left the stage profusely thanking the Filipino people. I guess on stage under the klieg lights he felt the warmth of our hospitality and appreciation.

After him, a very talented British lady with a wide vocal range played the guitar. Uhm, I’m almost in my 4th decade of life, her name escapes me…

And finally! Lights dim again, an overture plays to build up the excitement more. Tears for Fears appeared on the stage with “Everybody wants to rule the World” I had hoped they dedicated the first song to our beloved politicians (some of them were in the audience) and the rest of the night passed in a breeze. With the occasional “You people arrrr amaeziiing! You have gone through so much this week, and yet here you arrrr.. we hope we could somehow make you feel a little bettah…” My infatuation with Roland and Curt came back alternately. I am more in awe of their talent now. Their voice never changed. It’s like hearing them in my vinyl album but this time with a lot of screaming fans in the background. They played a lot more… Change, Pale Shelter, Head over heels, Break it down again and a couple more songs. After that they abruptly thank the people and left the stage. Everyone was up on their feet, stomping, clapping and screaming for more, more, more. People started chanting  “Shout, shout, let it all out. These are the things I can do without, come on I’m talking to you, come on…” Then they came back  with Woman in Chains and finally  finished the concert with a loud “SHOUT!”.

I thought posing in front of tarps and standee was hopelessly pathetic. But this time I couldn’t care less. I am bound to stamp the memory of Tears for Fears in my blog forever….

That awkward moment when I thought no one saw me pose by the tarpaulin. Lo and Behold some friends doing the same!!! Haha!

Remember this? Thirlla in Manila. It was the same venue where the concert was held.

When the show was over, I did not feel the same guilt as I had when the night begun. Tears for Fears donated all the proceeds of the merchandise to Red Cross, and I heard the producer of the show also donated  part of the  sum of their income to the flood victims. 🙂 It isn’t a Mad World after all…

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