Day 35: Wrath of God

Marikina City, once again ravaged by floods. The avenue is completely obliterated as the river overflowed. What you see on the far right is not the bridge, but the elevated train track. From Chris Velasco, Philippine Railways.

It has been raining for more than a week already. In the middle of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill debates, suddenly the monsoon rains were intensified by a tropical storm outside the country. It was dejavu again, as 90% of the metropolis was submerged in floods.



North Luzon Expressway, Malinta area taken by Earl Vincent Mananquil.

 I am one of the luckiest to belong to the 10% enjoying the warmth, and safety of a dry place. And I can’t help tears from falling as I watched my countrymen wading in the floods still smiling and laughing at their situation. They were thinking it was still fun to wade in the dirty, murky waters. Some were thinking they were so stupid to wait this late to start walking in the floods. That is the resilience of the Filipino spirit.


Group of friends seriously having fun while being whisked away by rescuers taken by Alma Llena in Caloocan City

A lot of people around the world can not fathom that. But as a Filipino, I can always relate to always being hopeful, and grateful despite the rains that a lot of people consider as the wrath of God. 


Rizal Park, named after our hero Jose Rizal. it was the site where he was killed by the Spanish soldiers. Back in the 1800’s the shoreline was until the road (Taft avenue) until the advent of landfill technology was introduced to the Philippines. Today, the sea has reclaimed what was its own.

We have always been religious and traditional. Everything that happens in our life we blame on God’s providence. Sometimes we forget that we actually cause the floods to happen because for the longest time, we have disregarded the forests and rivers by our incessant disposal of garbage to these God given wonders. We opted to pave the way to  urbanization at the expense of Nature. This is a hard lesson to learn but hopefully I know we will get by. 

Life goes on as a pedicab driver tries to earn a living by transporting stranded commuters in Abad Santos, Tayuman area. Taken by Leslie Reyes.

Credits:Pictures were taken from the Facebook pages of Philippine Railways, and Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo. I wish I was there to personally take the photos. Sigh. Here is to all the courageous rescue workers and unfaltering health workers who were on duty 24 hours.





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