Day 34: Are we ready for the RH Bill?

Our country is once again divided on the issue of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. On one side is the traditional and religious fighting to STOP the Bill from being passed. The Catholic Church and its followers say that RH Bill is an easy way to access oral contraceptives, premarital sex, and abortion. They held a rally in EDSA (where the previous people power revolutions were held to topple down two regimes) to pray for the “enlightenment and deliverance from the evil of RH BILL”.

I am for the passage of the Bill. I have been in the fore front of healthcare. I have seen mothers go through a difficult delivery because they couldn’t afford anesthesia. I have persuaded mothers to see a professional health personnel at least once during pregnancy but opted for the traditional birth attendant (despite a complicated pregnancy) because they do not have access to OB GYNs. I feel for the mother whose perineum I had to repair because the medical clerk who was practicing on her accidentally sutured the deeper lawyers of the muscle to the skin, the mother whimpered through out the procedure because her money was not enough to buy the local anesthesia. I walked out of the ER when a mother delivered her baby and both died in my arms. The mother tagged along her 3 other kids, the eldest aged 9 was clueless about what happened.

I have a lot more stories to tell, but none ended happily ever after.

I always have a heavy heart when I talk about how politicians have the gull to use basic services like health to advance their own selfish ambitions. It pains me even more to see clergy men hiding in their holy cloaks to advance their principles at the expense of ignorant and impoverished people.

I am for Reproductive Bill because I want my children to have a better Philippines. By better Philippines I mean, there will be more citizens having access to basic right like health and education. No kid should ever wander in the streets selling flowers or rugs. They should be in school studying and looking forward to their future. Their parents should not allow them to loiter. Their church should teach them to have a dignified life.

I hate it when priests or nuns take to the streets and rally against RH Bill. It’s a violation of my God given right to choose what I feel is best for my uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. I would prefer though for these priests to actually live in the squatters’ area. Live among them, eat their food, and work with them. Instead of waking up in their seminaries, preaching or praying for a world they have lost touch in. I have more respect for a priest who takes off his cloak and live among the poor. I have yet to hear the priests apologize for their sexual aggression towards women and little boys. The priests nor the nuns do not have moral ascendancy over the issue of RH Bill. For once, they have made a vow of celibacy, they do not have ANY IDEA what SEX should be and all about.

I can not believe how hypocritical they and other politicians can be about SEX EDUCATION. Duh! what do you intend to do about the information, hide it until the child becomes an adult??? I was informed about Sex as early as 11 years old. My science teacher separated the boys and girls. We were shown a video of a  couple kissing in the bedroom, then the screen blacked out, next that they were showing was the sperm cell hurriedly looking for the egg cell. Then, the fertilization took place, suddenly there were 4 cell-16 cell and an embryo was formed, eventually it became a fetus. We were taught to care for our bodies and not to engage in sex promiscuously because the following will result :unexpected pregnancy, or sexually transmitted disease. We were taught to respect our bodies and love ourselves. I didnt turn out as a whore because of this lesson. I became more open minded about the consequences of premarital sex.

I have three kids now aged 13,11 and 7 and they are open about the topic. We discuss sex on the dinner table, without malice. Sometimes, they giggle and they say “eeeew” but I am happy that my kids and I have an open channel. They always ask me about hormones, sometimes ejaculation or masturbation. When they see a nude photo, they compliment the muscles and the form and not the sexual connotation. Recently, my girls asked me about artificial contraceptives and I showed them diagrams and discussed the process of how they inhibit pregnancy. I would rather let them ask me and be informed about it from a female parents’ view than let them find the answers through pornographic materials or internet files.

Tomorrow, I  hope the elected congressmen will vote in favor of Self determination, sustainable human development, better healthcare and improved health delivery. I hope the RH Bill will soon be passed.


A day in a ward in Fabella Hospital.


If a Nursing student wishes to complete his Delivery room cases, he can go on a rotation here and all the 15 cases will be completed in a shift!!!

I hope better programs for maternal health will be enacted for the poor.

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