Day 33: Pasion de Arrabal


With my Tango Instructor Maestro Ogie, he patiently separated my two left feet and gave them distinct identities.

Ever since I watched Al Pacino danced the tango in the “Scent of a woman” I have always been fascinated with Tango. I just love the grace, passion and sychronicity of the couples as they dance. My interest grew more as I watched my long time crush(es) Antonio Banderas and Richard Gere do their Tango moves. I decided to finally enroll and slash the task in my bucket list. Exactly a year ago, after watching a friend, Aurora Pijuan dance a mean Argentinian tango (with all the ganchos, rueda, quebrada and media luna) I bought a pair of dance shoes (hers actually, thinking her dancing prowess will transfer to me) and enrolled in a Tango dance club.


My first dance in Rockwell mall after completing my lessons. I probably killed one of the toe nails of my tango Instructor. Hehe.

I have been hooked and addicted to tango. Every chance I get I would grab my favorite partner and dance my way. If I can’t find someone who can bear with me, I would dance alone, doing cruzada and paso otso. Ugh, pathetic.

It’s been months since I last danced the tango. I am hoping to dance again soon.


I’ve come a long way since my basic tango moves. I can now do my own ganchos. Ha! Can’t wait to dance with Antonio Banderas. 🙂

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