Day 32: Pnoy’s 3rd SONA


No to Contractualization, No to False Volunteerism
Uphold the right to quality health service

For the past 39 years of my life, I was a passive participant in the Philippine politics. I was merely an onlooker on most of the moments of history that has unfolded in my country. Back in my college days, I loved the militants and student activists who were vigilant in all the causes that they could think of; because if the rally gets too rowdy we get cancellation of classes. Yehey!

      For the first time in my life, I actually adapted a cause and has become actively involved in pursuing it. Well obsessed is the more appropriate term. I have left the blogging scene for the past two weeks to start on my 10 year retrospective study on the Philippine healthcare system.

      Geez, it’s like being in a John Grisham movie starring ehem, ehem me. Ofcourse in a John Grisham movie, a lot of conspiracy theory evolves, a  tinge of court room drama and a lot of action… I do hope no one gets killed in my movie though.


Face Off. We occupied the other side of the street. This year has the most number of rallyists since President Aquino took office.

      So yesterday I attended a rally and walked about 2 kms to the site. I have never seen that many people chanting and making their stand. It feels good to be a part of a democratic country. Never mind if we are impoverished, I am still glad that we can openly complain and make our demands. Never mind if most of the time we our claims are ignored, it still feels good to vent out our anger. So yesterday the walk for me was cathartic.

      Until I was in the front line and we were facing the long line of policemen in full suit with helmets, shield and a baton. I only brought my advocacy pin, my beltbag and a big smile to disarm anxious law enforcers.

     The Big Smile Worked. 🙂



Sea of activists occupying a 6 lane road for 2kms!



Time at a stand still as rallyits occupy the traffic laden Commonwealth Avenue. Thank God for Democracy!


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