Day 31: Making History in the Philippine Healthcare

Office of the Secretary of Health. I only wish that the healthcare problems will be solved in my lifetime. I have brilliant ideas for the solutions, ask me!!!

When I read my astrology I was surprised to find a few coincidental facts about me. It says ” You want to change the world. You are concerned with solving the problems of the world and humanity. The Aquarius in you needs  space, a big space even if you sacrifice love. You are a proponent of freedom. You are very generous and humanitarian.” Hmm, I am the woman!!!

Today I was asked to represent our organization to meet with the heads of the Department of Health (DOH). I always feel special when I see or meet movers and shakers of our government. I feel that I can contribute in a my own little way to the solutions in the heaping and mountainous complicated problems of my country.

We have been fighting for a better healthcare by promoting the rights of healthcare workers (nurses in particular). I have been doing this for a year already and so far we are moving towards our goal slowly but surely.

I try to be optimistic despite the situation. DOH will make guidelines to legalize Volunteer nurses in lieu of permanent post in the hospital. It really is complicated. From the Department of Budget and Management who refuses to increase the appropriation for health to a political decision of solons to  plain and simple graft and corruption… Officials would rather channel the budget to departments that handle procurements because it is easier to pad costs and therefore easier to get kickbacks.

So my whole week revolved around politics and lobbying and dancing to their tune. I still see that the situation will change soon and the people who work in the government actually have good intentions. I have yet to find out who will burst my bubble.

What a small world! After 25 years, I saw my classmate from High School!!! Now we are at the opposite poles of healthcare but still working towards the same goal.

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