Day 28: A walk in the park

Every Sunday, we go to the park for my kids’ usual run around the oval and we have dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant. I just love the earth that I walk on after the rains. I love the smell of the ground. Everything seems so fresh and clean.


We call this kalachuchi. I just love these flowers. It can grow anywhere in our tropical country.


Like wild mushrooms sprouting, this disc like figures work like umbrellas at daytime and are used as lamps at nighttime.


Every kid loves a carousel. I was never able to ride it when I was smaller. So when I got the chance to do it when I got a little older, I jumped on the horse excitedly. Only to ask the operator to stop after a few rounds because I was getting dizzy and nauseous. 🙂


It changes lights from blue to red to purple to green to yellow to orange.


This is what I call a cross screen filter!

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2 thoughts on “Day 28: A walk in the park

  1. Northern Narratives on said:

    I really like the photo of the carousel.

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