Day 27: History on my mind

I had to do a lot of things this week but I really make it a point to spend time with my photography which I consider my soulmate hobby. So while following up our accreditation in COMELEC (Commission on Elections) I decided to stop by Manila Cathedral just was across the old Palacio del Gobernador Building.

I am sooooo stuck in Manila that was 150 years ago. If I were given a chance to time travel, I would probably choose to go back to the the time when Philippines was under the Spanish Rule and I would have participated actively in the revolution. I would make proactive efforts to make and implement changes.

About a hundred years of sovereignty and independence doesn’t make me realize that we are off to a better country. There are just a lot of things we need to do to address all the problems that we are facing. From political to socio economic issues, I just want to undo what has transpired in the past 150 years and start over…


Nature reclaiming its territory. I would have wanted to see how the trees and its roots will soon take over this building, millennium away from now.


The existing Commission on Elections take office in this former GovernorGeneral’s Palace. In the Spanish era, this used to be the office and residence of the Governor General (ruler of Manila then). Eventually, earthquakes and wars prevented the Ruler to stay in this building and the Ruler transferred his residency to Malacanang Palace now the official residence of the President of the Philippines.


Water fountain across Manila Cathedral where Catholic devotees dip their hands to get holy water (for making the sign of the cross) before entering the church.


Religion and Politics do not mix. But in the Philippines, they do!!! Religious organizations endorse politicians before elections. Even lobbying in senate and congress is actively done by big religious sects. RH (Reproductive Health) BIll is vehemently opposed by the Catholic priests as they view it progressing towards legalization of abortion, fornication and sexual promiscuity.


Manila Cathedral is the site where famous Filipino couples profess their love and devotion. It is closed for the meantime for repairs and restoration.


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