Day 23: Patches, my youngest kid

After three rowdy kids, I decided I’ve had enough of giving birth. But I did not stop being a mom. My kids had kids too – they had three bunnies, three turtles, a family of fish, 2 hamsters, a bird, and a chick. All of them taught my kids to deal with responsibility and eventually death. My backyard was converted to a pet cemetery. Each pet that died has a corresponding bamboo cross. My kids grieved awhile and moved on to the next pet that they can adopt. As of the moment I have three other kids. Two of whom are illegitimate cats and a little Pomeranian who is so bratty and self centered.


Patches, the youngest kid in my pack.


He loves to stay under the sofa when he knows he did something wrong. This time, he just hates me for taking a photo of him.


His usual territory is beside the lazy boy. He loves it when everyone is in the lanai to watch TV. The cats outside stare at him out of envy while he sits in the living area with a nonchalant attitude.

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2 thoughts on “Day 23: Patches, my youngest kid

  1. Poms are territorial, self-centered indeed, possessive but very smart and loving. My Oddie gives me so much joy, he keeps me grounded, he is brat who loves sleeping where I sleep. He loves eating on my palm, to be cuddled all the time, and lazying himself on my lap! hahahaha

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