Day 16: My favorite things


Raindrops on my garden and haze in my old lamp

I love it when it rains. I love the sound of the rain on my roof, I love the drizzle on my face. I love the rains on my gardens as the showers come from all sides.

I love going to junk yards and flea markets. I love recycling products. I found this old beat up lamp that they sold at P500.00 (or about $10). I found out that it is at least 30 years old. I asked the carpenter to rewire it. He then nailed it on a tree. It looked so vintage and nostalgic. My beat up lamp goes well with the rainy weather.


The wizard of OZ had Emerald shoes, I have Ruby high heels

I love this red shoe, not because of the color or the design. But because this was a gift from a former student who eventually became my friend. She (Genesis) together with her boyfriend (Weber) made this from scratch and they gave this to me for my 39th birthday. I love the glam of it. I love the thought that comes with it.


Mac on MAC

My favorite make up is MAC. I am partial to lipsticks with reddish and nude shades. I have been using this color for a couple of years now. But I discovered that MAC has discontinued the line. It’s now out of stock and I called relatives and friends over seas to purchase it for me and it’s not available there as well. Some good things never last. 😦

Recently, I defected from VAIO to MAC Book Pro. A very generous uncle gave me a MAC book as a birthday, christmas, valentine’s day gift. He was so fascinated with my photography that he decided to send me a MAC book for my editing needs. I can say that MACy that’s how I call her, is now my BFF. She is my assistant, my secretary and my shoulder to cry on.

South sea pearls

I love the elegance and simplicity of pearls. I think it brings out the femininity of a woman. This was my first splurge when I got my first salary. Everyone notices how beautiful it is when i wear it.

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