Day 15: Don Vito

Seven years ago, we all went to the hospital for my ultrasound. We were all praying for a little boy. When we got to the clinic, there was a long line of patients waiting for their turn. Finally when I entered the room, armed with my hubby and two little girls and a niece we all anticipated impatiently at the monitor. The baby in my abdomen wouldn’t budge. The doctor can not see him/her. So she turned the scope to my side and nudge my tummy a little. Finally the creature moved…

The doctor said “I…see…a… PENIS!” we all screamed, and shouted “YEY”

As we went out the other moms knew we were having a boy.


Meet my boy, Don Vito Miguel

So the boy grew up. He loves biking, playing in the sun and getting dirty. He hates taking a bath, always reasoning out with me “why do I need to take a bath Mom, I will get dirty anyway…”

In a matter of years, the little baby who was so dependent on me, started to have his own personality. He is charming and sweet and loves to play pranks.

I collected a couple of his funny anecdotes.


Vito: Dad, can I have some money?

Dad: Why what for?

Vito: Ugh, don’t you remember??? It’s father’s day tomorrow, I gotta buy you a card…


Vito: Dad, when I get married, I will marry a Beauty Queen, if she dies, I’ll get a model. If we separate, then I’ll find a model…


Vito: Dad, what are my balls for???

Dad: Bem (that’s me) Help!!!


Dad: Vito, stop picking your nose.

Vito: I’m not picking it dad, I’m checking….


Vito: Mommy, when I turn 18 can I have a girlfriend?

Mommy: Sure Vito.

Vito: Don’t worry I wont choose an ugly girl…



I was surprised when Vito came inside the room and asked me if I remembered when was the last time he gave me flowers. Then he placed this yellow flower on my ear. How sweet!

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2 thoughts on “Day 15: Don Vito

  1. You did awesome raising him! that’s adorable 😀

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