Day 14: My Iron girl


Meet my Iron Girl, Isabella.

Weekends are Mommy duties for me. I drive my kids to their recreation/sports activities.

My eldest, Isabella used to be a shy, bald baby. She is now 13 years old, a lot mature in more ways than most girls her age.

She started her love affair with Triathlon 3 years ago when Alaska brought in Ironkids. She was in the last pack, having mastered only swimming. Last last year, she was more determined to win so she looked for a running coach and joined  the University of the Philippines (UP) Triathlon team.  She is very disciplined with her training. I allowed her to continue with triathlon as long as studies remain to be on the top of her priorities. So she does her homeworks during break time. By the time she goes home, she is done with her school stuff and is ready for her running, swimming and biking.

When she graduated from elementary this year, she bagged the Swimmer of the year (Athlete of the year) having excelled in the Swimming Club and Academics.

Once, she was interviewed in the dailies, with unassuming character she never bragged about her medals, achievements and merits received (I think Moms are supposed to that) :-). What she stated was that she wants to win the gold for the triathlon event which seems so evasive for her.

Today, on Father’s Day she competed again. She is an all out Daddy’s girl having inherited 90% of her dad’s positive attributes. Her bitchiness and constant whining were the only thing she got from me. Hehe.


No gold yet, she ended 8th in the age group category. With sheer determination and an all out heart for winning, Isabella evaluated her tactics and is looking forward to training again tomorrow.

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