Day 12: It’s more fun in the Philippines!

I discovered something to de-stress my life. It’s meme!!! I know, I know, I’m late. People have discovered that. And now they are into 9gag. Whatever!

Well the Department of Tourism came up with a campaign strategy to promote the Philippines. It started with a caption: _______________More fun in the Philippines!  Come visit the Philippines and enjoy its Witches, have a smoke, and of course try SEx…

I came up with my own. The pictures were taken when i took a vacation in the different scenic spots


Coco Grove, Siquijor. January 2012. A stolen shot of a couple, lazing in the sun at 12PM.


Apo island, Dumaguete. January 2012. A 12 year old Norwegian girl begging for more time under the sun as her family waits for her to board the boat.

Tagbilaran, Bohol. December 2010. The tarsier is the world’s smallest primate. About the size of a fist. This creature is nocturnal in nature typified by its large eyes and pinpoint pupils.

As i was making my own memes, I saw the some that are catchy and sarcastic…


Taken in Bohol where the famous Chocolate Hills are located. The hills are actually corals that have surface in time. It gets brown during summer months (March-May) and greening during the rainy season (June-December). Filipinos are fond of wacky faces and jumpshots. it reflects our fun loving and cheerful nature.

Cebu dancing inmates. this group became a youtube sensation when the jail warden/choreographer uploaded their dance to the tune of Michael jackson’s thriller. They became a tourist attraction of the City of Cebu. I did not know they were such a hit until MJ died and the video tribute for him starred these guys.

Sinangag means fried rice. it’s the staple food of the Filipinos. As a source of carbohydrate, rice is paired with many different viands. Sinangag Express or SEx is the usual food of call center agents or outsourced employees.

A lot of you maybe shocked with this, but we actually use this motorcycle with bamboo wings to commute in the far flung barrios (communities)

Ofcourse we have these everyday staple in the metro. It was adapted from the US Army Jeep that the Americans left behind after world war 2. Filipinos love to place captions over the jeepney to advertise it’s source. You see Katas ng Saudi (Juice of saudi- meaning the jeepney was bought by a Filipino worker in Saudi) or a big quotation “Basta Driver, Sweet Lover”.

Mayon Volcano is the country’s most active volcano. Erupting violently every three-five years. The last one in 2009 actually drew in tourists to capture its fireworks at night.

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