Day 8: The Offensive Egg

It may look like any ordinary egg to you.


But this harmless specimen is the most dreaded food challenge in any survivor game or fear factor challenge.

First crack the egg on one end


Tadaaah! This is the Balut. 


Just before it is hatched, this fertilized duck egg is sold in the streets (often at night) by vendors who shout BA-LUUUUUUT! Goes really well with rock salt, spicy coconut vinegar downed with a gin or a beer.

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2 thoughts on “Day 8: The Offensive Egg

  1. Wait this egg has a live duck in it before it’s interrupted? yipes!

    • Hahahahahaha!!! Yes, that’s why it’s always in food challenges. I never thought it was yucky until I met foreigners who puked at the sight of it. This little thing was in Bourdaine and Zimmern. Are you up for the challenge? I will treat you to it. 😀

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