Day 7: The Aftermath of War

Philippines’ has zero crime rate only on the days of Manny Paquiao’s fights. Everyone stays home to watch him beat his opponent to a pulp. Policemen have TVs installed in their stations. Even criminals take a day off. When you go to the (usually clogged) streets of Manila, you can even dance the Tango and you won’t be bothered.


Today everyone was glued to the boobtube as they anticipate Pacman hit Bradley. Thanks to MIami vs Boston, we get to wait a little longer before we see the view of Las Vegas crowd.

Prelude: Filipinos are always proud to see their countryman succeed worldwide. Today was a good day for Filipinos because of the following reasons: 1. Spoelstra gets to the Finals (he is half Greek, half Filipino). 2. American Idol Finalist Jessica Sanchez (half Mexican, half Filipino) gets to sing the Star Spangled Banner. and of course 3. Manny will once again bring the Belt back home.

Thank God for cables and satellites we now have the luxury to see Manny fight on simultaneous telecast. Movie houses have a pay per view screening. It is usually packed with males screaming for blood. If you want to go on a date, there are also hotels, diners and restaurants who offer a package of “Boxing+Brunch+Beer” for P500-P1000. Not bad for a commoner. Ofcourse the more affluent (err corrupt politicians) actually go to Las Vegas and watch the fight.   Usually, when Manny wins everyone gets drunk. Not this time. Houses are quiet. Tonight, there are no replays on TV. Even the Bar outside my Village is lonely and devoid of people. Very reminiscent of a wake in a funeral house.

What a controversial one! Even Bradley was surprised that it was a split decision. He couldn’t even believe that the Belt was for him. Never in the history of Boxing did I hear the Victor say “Uhmm lemme watch the replay  (then I can convince myself that I won!!!) Some blame the NBA for scheduling the game on the night of his fight. My father in law says, the judges got impatient waiting for Manny so they made the score prematurely to kill time. Another blames his change of faith. My friend says maybe Manny arrived at Filipino time (Filipino time is always an hour late) and of course the most plausible one was the manipulation of gangsters in the Las Vegas underworld. Or could it be that there was a previous deal for him to lose? What we saw in the ring was not the same Pacman.

Well whatever the reason is, now is the time for dear Pacman to realize who among his loyal subjects will stick with him. Let’s see if his fans will scream I LOVE YOUR MONEY!!! Err, I love you Manny!

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