Day 2: No Diving in the Backyard

If there is something that I am proud of my country, it’s the fact that Philippines has one of the most diverse sceneries specially underwater. I would tell everyone to write in their bucket list : to dive in the Philippines.

So it is no surprise that my husband and eldest daughter are hooked on diving. In fact, I was told by my eldest daughter that if she were to pass on to the next life, she would like her remains to be scattered in the sea… pretty morbid for a 13 year old.

I can’t believe my husband when he decided to buy a statue of a Caucasian diver and placed it in our backyard on top of  a castrated coconut tree. Much to my surprise, my youngest son named him Stevie in honor of Steve Irwin. Eventually I found a “No Diving” sign in a junkyard somewhere.

Stevie the Diver

No diving here, please proceed to Tubattaha.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: No Diving in the Backyard

  1. wouldn’t a castrated coconut tree be a coco-no-nut tree? 😉

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